Women's Missions Union

Director : Binnie Gullane                 Secretary : Paula Turner


What Is WMU?

Since its beginning in 1888, WMU has become the largest Protestant missions organization for women in the world, with a membership of approximatly 1 million. WMU's purpose is to educate and involve adults, youth, children and preschoolers in the cause of Christian missions. Although originally geared towards women, girls, and preschoolers, both genders are active in WMU organizations and ministries today. WMU seeks to equip adults youth, chrildren, and preschoolers with missions education to become radically involved in the mission of God.


What Is Our Church Doing?

Several months ago the WMU decided to support a small church in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. With the approval of our church, the women (and a young man) took craft supplies to Kingfisher along with a complete sound system that our church was not using. I encourage you to read the following article written by T. J. Cox about the trip to Kingfisher.


All Nations Baptist Church began with a vision of what it could be, not what it was at that moment. The pastor and his wife gave of themselves to restore the building so that they could use it to share the Word of God with the Native Americans in that area. It was in great disrepair when they saw it, but they knew that that's where God wanted them and He would make a way where there wasn't one. And so in their Faith in God's plan, they took over the building, fixed the roof, the ceiling, and other immediate needs, and opened the doors for God's Mission. In the videos we saw before going, we learned that several people attending that church have went on to become Pastors at other churches. I think that is amazing! What Nic and I noticed most while we where there is how they give themselves up in order to let God move no matter how uncomfortable it makes them. His mission was first, no matter what. For instance, Nic was impressed on how the Pastor and his family chose to live in an RV and only have limited funds so that they could share God's word. They gave up much for God's mission. What struck me was the music. There wasn't any. But that didn't stop them from worshiping God. Many times in life we desire to do things but when we don't have what we think we need, we don't follow through. God has shown me at this little church that all we need is Him and a true heart's desire to share Him with others. With no music staff, they opened their hymnals and sang acapella. Even though they joked about it, no one really cared that it was off key and that we were all kinda singing at different times. That didn't matter. What mattered was that we were worshiping God. Together. Singing praises to Him. I think that was the neatest experience ever. Another thing that I noticed was the amount of children attending the service. They actually outnumbered the adults. I have never seen that before. I think the thing I take away most from this trip was that when you truly give of yourself to do God's work, you become His hands and feet in the lives of others. You go where He wants you to go, and help who He wants you to help no matter what you have or don't have. And it always make a difference in the lives of others. He will always provide exactly what you need to do His Will. And when you are faithful in the little things, as He always says, He will give you bigger things. We learned while we were there that a lady who doesn't even attend that church wanted to start playing the piano for them during worship. We presented them with our previous sound system and they were excited to have that. God used us to bless them with a device they couldn't have been able to purchase that will make an impact in their ministry. And although I didn't get a chance to view the Sunday school corridor, I know that the crafting materials we presented them with will make a big impact in the lives of the children in the area. Like I stated before, they have a good number of kids there and I know that being able to craft things will help them remember and share what they learn while at church with their families at home. Because God isn't just in a building. While the Pastor and Sunday school teachers can only reach those that come, those that come, will be able to reach those at home. They carry God out the doors with them in their minds and hearts.    What we do matters and where we go makes a difference. Are you willing to give of yourself in order to let God move in the lives of others? John 3:30 He must become Greater, I must become Less.